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Today's Broadcast

On Wednesday's edition of The Connection, Skip Heitzig continues in our series of teachings called Church? Who Needs It. When we gather in church, it should be a time of commitment. As we sing and hear a sermon, we should ask, "What now?" And our answer should be, "Now I do what God told me." Join Skip on today's broadcast to learn more.

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Latest Teaching

60 1 & 2 Peter - Rock Solid - 2013We have studied both letters of Peter and have seen how anyone whose life would otherwise be weak, wobbly, and failure ridden can become Rock Solid through Christ. This is vital since life in this world is dynamic, shifting, and transitory. This world is passing; its glory is fading. Thus, anyone who places all their energy and hope in this life alone will be disappointed. Today, as we end our series, we consider where we are eventually headed and how to arrive safely.

Breaking Up Camp and Moving On
Sunday, November 23, 2014


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Come To Your Five Senses

by Lenya Heitzig |

Years ago, a man came to Skip claim­ing to be the Messiah. When asked what evidence he could give to support his claim, he replied that his proof was the "third testa­ment"---which, by the way, he had written. At this point, Skip was pretty sure this guy was off his medications, so he kindly asked, "What can I do for you?" Without missing a beat, the man said that in order to secure the future, the church needed to donate a million dollars to him so he could...

Demon Possessed Christians?

by Skip Heitzig |

Some teachers claim that Christians can be demon possessed, or at least "demonized." It's a very destructive doctrine! And some people say, "A believer's spirit can never be possessed by Satan, but the body can be." That's an outra­geous claim; contrast it with the teaching of the apostle Paul: "Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you?" (1 Corinthians 6:19). God owns your body. He's not going to let the...


by Skip Heitzig |

Social Security numbers get us driver's licenses or passports. Credit cards have black strips on the back containing our personal information. When I travel on the East Coast and put my ATM card into the machine the screen blinks, "Good morning, Skip Heitzig." It knows who I am! Historically, slaves were tattooed with the numbers or names of their masters. In the cult of Sable, members were forced to have an image on their bodies for identification. Numbering is nothing...

Today's Devo

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Are Your Feet Attached to Your Ears?

by Skip Heitzig | Read JAMES 1:17-27

It's one thing when the devil deceives us. It's quite another when we fool ourselves. During the times of the New Testament, the Pharisees made this mistake. Condemning their self-deceit, Jesus said, "On judgment day many will say to me, 'Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in...

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The Journey from Fear to Faith

by Skip Heitzig |

Genesis 15:1-6 is the story of a man named Abram and his journey from fear to faith. This passage is crucial to understanding the rest of the Bible, because it shows how an unrighteous, unholy, sinful person can be made righteous before a holy God. So let's take a look at Abram's journey, which has...


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