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    April 2014 Connection Resource

    In this month's Connection resource, join Lee Strobel as he uncovers the facts about Christianity!

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    All Access Interview With Fernando Ortega

    Pastor Skip Heitzig welcomed Fernando Ortega to discuss the theme of worship found in Revelation.

Today's Broadcast

On Thursday's edition of The Connection, Skip Heitzig continues in our series of teachings called Paul's Long Road to Rome. Do you have any unfinished projects around your house? We might, but God doesn't, and we'll see that He has promised to complete His work in us. Join Skip on today's broadcast to learn more.

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Image of Lee Strobel DVD This resource from best-selling author Lee Strobel addresses questions about the existence of God, the life of Jesus Christ, and objections to the Christian faith. We join him on his journey from atheism to faith in this three-movie DVD, which includes The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith, and The Case for a Creator.

Latest Teaching

TopicalThere are many messages we want to shout out loud, but there is only one that is truly worthy of being proclaimed. In Psalm 22, we see the anguish and humiliation of the cross progress into the accomplishment of the cross. We learn how we can navigate our lives by Jesus' resurrection so that this message only grows louder in our lives. We have the best news, so we should say it loud: He's alive!

Say It Loud: He’s Alive! - Easter Sunrise Service 2014
Sunday, April 20, 2014


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There Is No Other

by Skip Heitzig |

Here are a couple of amusing thoughts from children about God. One little boy asked, "Mommy, is God up there?" When she said yes, he said, "Wouldn't it be great if He'd just poke His head out once in a while so we could see Him?" And this one (from the book Children's Letters to God): A little girl wrote, "Dear God, are you really invisible or is that just a trick?" People have a problem with the invisible na­ture of God. That explains (though...

The Fairest One - Psalm 45

by Lenya Heitzig |

When Skip Heitzig asked me to marry him, he rambled through an awkward proposal to which I consented. As if in shock, Skip sprang from the couch stammering, “Wait a minute. Did I just ask you to marry me? And did you say yes?” He added, “I need a drink of water and then let’s talk.” Though I was thrilled, it wasn’t really an idyllic romantic atmosphere with love songs playing in the background. Psalm 45 is a love song extolling the romance between a...

Radio Program Features Pastor Skip for End-Times Discussion

by Connection News |

Skip Heitzig recently appeared on the hour-long radio program Understanding the Times to discuss how current events tie into the biblical model of eschatology (the study of the last days). Host Jan Markell interviewed Pastor Skip about a number of end-time issues, including the increase of lawlessness, the growing persecution of Christians around the world, and the war on absolute truth. Throughout the program, Pastor Skip encouraged churches and pastors to teach eschatology so that...

Today's Devo

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What God Sees

by Skip Heitzig | Read 2 CHRONICLES 14:1-12

Nothing escapes God's view. He sees everything. Solomon declared, "The Lord sees clearly what a man does, examining every path he takes" (Proverbs 5:21). We wonder how much of this truth King Solomon was able to pass on the kings who reigned after him. Unfortunately, the reformation efforts of a...

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Before the Foundation

by Skip Heitzig |

Did you know that before there were galaxies, before there was an earth--before anything in creation existed--Jesus Christ was crucified in the mind of God? A lot of people think God was first the Creator and then the Redeemer--as if Adam and Eve came along and messed up so badly that God said,...


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