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Skip Interviews Ray Comfort

by Connection News | | News

Skip Heitzig welcomed guest Ray Comfort to expound on Wednesday, April 4, for an interview and a showing of his film 180.  Members of the congregation and the community filled the sanctuary to view the acclaimed documentary, which addresses the abortion issue head-on. Following a time of worship led by Ryan Wylie, Pastor Skip introduced Comfort to the congregation in a light-hearted conversation, but the mood was solemn as 180 began and images of the Holocaust flashed on the screen.  

The movie records Comfort's intriguing conversations with mostly college-age students about the sanctity of human life. It is a shocking chronicle of how the American public has gripped a faulty perspective of abortion, and how logic and reasoning help people see the truth—changing their minds about this controversial issue in a matter of seconds. After the showing, Pastor Skip and Ray Comfort discussed the parallels between the Holocaust and abortion in America, and how through the gospel, hearts are changed and sin is deal with.
If you missed this expound service, or you'd like to watch it again, you can watch the entire service online.

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