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Easter Sunrise Service: Rise Up

by Connection News | | News

Skip Heitzig and Calvary of Albuquerque hosted New Mexico's largest church service on Sunday, April 8, under clear blue skies at University Stadium. As the sun rose over the Sandias, more than 20,000 gathered to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Dr. Mike Rozenblum opened the service and David Cain led us in a powerful rendition of the National Anthem. We were honored to welcome Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez, who led us in prayer for our military, government, and the morning's service.  The brisk morning air filled with the praises of God's people as guest musician Phil Wickham led us in a time of worship. We were also treated to a short film clip, which challenged us to consider a vital question: "Have you been ransomed?" Pastor Skip Heitzig then presented the message Rise Up,  in which we explored four areas in which we can rise up and become faithful followers of Jesus. After the message, hundreds came forward to proclaim their belief in the death and resurrection of Christ and receive Him as Lord and Savior. 

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