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Launch of Keep Calm and Marry On

by Connection News | | News

In response to the enemy's war on marriage, Calvary Albuquerque launched the 22-week series Keep Calm and Marry On at all services on June 9-10. Lenya Heitzig welcomed and encouraged the body to take the ministry of reconciliation to heart in their marriages and in the relationships of those around them. She explained the resources available during the new series, including a fantastic lineup of Bible studies and c-How handouts, to help everyone see how to apply the weekly messages in practical ways. Following a powerful time of worship, Pastor Skip explained the purpose of Keep Calm and Marry On and presented the message "No Man Is An Island" from Genesis 2:18-22, where the congregation examined the problem of man and the plan of God. It is sure to be an exciting and fruitful series; remember, you can view services in the archive and download additional resources at

Watch "No Man Is An Island."

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