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Freedom Celebration Enjoyed by Thousands

by Connection News | | News

Thousands observed Independence Day at Calvary Albuquerque's Freedom Celebration on July 4.  Though storm clouds loomed, a cool breeze and light sprinkle of rain provided a welcomed relief to the blazing heat of the past days. Families picnicked in the park and amphitheater, while enjoying music from bands Breaking Blue and The Next Chapter. A lineup of proud Americans opened our service with a reading from the Declaration of Independence, followed by Natalie Wylie's wonderful rendition of "God Bless America." After a time of worship, Pastor Skip presented a message about the foundational freedoms American's enjoy and the ultimate freedom of those in Christ. Several people responded to Skip's invitation to receive Jesus Christ and be saved. As the sun set, the celebration continued in the park with a concert from Vagabond Prophet. The evening culminated with a fantastic fireworks display, complete with oohs and aahs and a spectacular grand finale. 

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