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Today's Broadcast

On Monday's edition of The Connection, Skip Heitzig continues in our series of teachings called Where Lives Are Changed. Skip Heitzig continues our series Where Lives Are Changed. In a world where biblical illiteracy is rampant, Christians must learn to love the Word. In the message "We Pursue God...By the Word," Skip explains that the Word of God does the work of God by the Spirit of God in the lives of the people of God. Join Skip on today's broadcast to learn more.

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Image of October 2016 Resource Learn to cherish moments with Jesus with this month's Connection resource, which includes four booklets by Lenya Heitzig that address issues like temptation and forgiveness. You will also receive Lenya's book Live Tastefully: Savoring Encounters with Jesus, which will help you cultivate God-given spiritual and physical hunger.

Latest Teaching

Crash & BurnIf you think that just attending a worship service is enough to make you a good person, then consider this: the first crime was committed by a mad farmer right after church! The story of Cain killing his brother Abel highlights how dysfunctional the first family was and how sin immediately affected humanity—and still does. Today, we look at the biography of a murderer who went from adoring God to assassinating his brother.

A Murder after Church
Sunday, October 16, 2016


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Alaska Cruise 2017

Have you ever just wanted to get away from it all and be refreshed by a good dose of God’s unspoiled creation? Join Skip and Lenya Heitzig on an adventure to Alaska. From Seattle, Washington, we will begin a premier, seven-day roundtrip cruise, July 8-15, 2017, experiencing some of the most breathtaking sites that Alaska has to offer. So mark your calendars for this unforgettable trip. Skip will teach inspiring messages from the book of Psalms and we will enjoy uplifting worship and...

Ohio Couple Leads Community Bible Study Using a Roku and Skip’s Teachings

Lee and Billie Mascarello traveled over 1,500 miles from Columbus, Ohio, to visit Calvary Albuquerque June 8-15. It was a blessing to hear their testimony and how they use Skip Heitzig's teachings on Roku to reach a community. Four years ago, Lee was given the opportunity to lead a Bible study at an assisted living center and he and Billie decided to use Skip's teachings to bring the gospel to the residents. In a packed meeting room, they begin with prayer and then watch Skip's...

Skip Heitzig Challenges Calvary Chapel Aurora to Defy Normal

On April 30-May 1, Pastor Skip Heitzig visited Calvary Chapel Aurora in Aurora, Colorado, and shared some biblical axioms from his book, Defying Normal. The Battledrums team opened the service with inspiring worship and Pastor Ed Taylor welcomed Skip as their guest speaker. Skip shared his message called "Defying Normal," challenging the congregation to get out of their comfort zone and live extraordinary lives for Christ. After the teaching, many people made the decision to...

Today's Devo

Monday, October 24, 2016


by Skip Heitzig | Read 1 THESSALONIANS 4:13-18

An old farmer brought his family to the city for the first time to see skyscrapers and all the sights. The farmer dropped off his wife at a department store and took his son to the tallest building. In the lobby, they saw something they'd never seen before. Two steel doors opened, a rather large and...

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The Real Wonder Bread

by Skip Heitzig |

I think it's safe to say that we love to eat. One of the biggest industries in the U.S. is the food industry--eateries, restaurants, cafes, bistros. I find it interesting that the Bible, and even Christ Himself, so often used food analogies. Jesus must know that we love to eat! Well, imagine living...


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