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Keep the Faith?

by Skip Heitzig |
The Christian gospel is not something to be hoarded. In the '60's people used to say, "Keep the faith." But Christians never say that. Christians say, "Give it away. Tell others."

A lot of times we as Christians become introverts; we look inward: "I've got this problem I need to get worked out." And sometimes those problems take our eyes off the harvest. "Well, until I get my problems fixed I won't be any use to the Lord." Well, then you'll never be any use to the Lord, because you're always going to have problems, as long as you're in this body of flesh. Jesus didn't say, "Take care of all the little hang-ups in your life, and then when you're finally refined..." No, He said "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16:15).

Sometimes Christians are focused on "What's in it for me? How will I be edified?" You ought to be focused on others and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with them. You've come, you've seen, now you go out and you tell. You spread the gospel.

Here are some tips for personal evangelism:

Listen: As you share with unbelievers, don't do all the talking. Listen to them. Listening shows you care and are concerned for them.

Take the initiative: Do it gracefully and gently, but take the first step.

Stay on target: The target is Jesus. When the conviction of the Holy Spirit sets in, they will search for other topics. They'll want to divert you onto side issues. Bring it back to Jesus: "But the issue is you and Jesus."

Be yourself: Be who you are. Don't copy Billy Graham's delivery, or somebody else's method. They are seeing Jesus in you. Put the message in your own words. That's what a testimony is. It's what you've seen and what you've heard.

Notice Jesus doesn't say, "Go, and save every living creature." You cannot save a single soul. You can't convict a single soul. Your clever arguments won't bring people to Christ. The burden isn't on you to save people, but just to speak the truth, to preach. The Holy Spirit does the convicting, and the saving. Your responsibility is to go and tell.

Don't keep the faith. Give it to others.

In His strong love,

Skip Heitzig

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