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the Connection with Skip Heitzig

The Connection with Skip Heitzig

The Connection is the multi-media ministry of Skip Heitzig, senior pastor at Calvary Albuquerque. These daily 30-minute broadcasts are aired worldwide and follow Calvary’s mission of upreach to our Heavenly Father, inreach to those already in the body of Christ, and outreach to those lost in sin.

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Our listeners are a vital part of helping this ministry reach out across the globe with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Letters from Listeners


I have been a regular at Calvary for 19 years and love everything about Skip, Lenya and all the amazing things I've learned over the years. I am really enjoying the new teaching. Today Skip talked about the differences between men and women's brains. I work in a medical office and a while ago, I was listening to Focus on the Family and Dr. Dobson had a pediatric neurologist on the show. He explained that when a woman is 2 months pregnant with a little boy, the corpus collosum (connection between the two hemispheres of the brain) is damaged due to the production of testosterone. Meaning that the connection is damaged and so males can only think with one side at a time. Females on the other hand, are thinking with both sides constantly. The pediatric neurologist then said, "So I guess you really can say that men are brain damaged!" Then in my office, I spoke to a neurosurgeon that is a patient and asked him if that was indeed true. Yup. It's a fact. I believe the reason God made us like that was because our primal responsibilities are: Men were to focus on hunting and gathering food for the family and women have to multi-task taking care of all the babies and children and other things required to successfully raise a family. Thank you all for all the years of joy! May God continue to bless Calvary of Albuquerque.

Sincerely, Janette