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Photo of Skip TeachingSound bites—that's how most people get the bulk of their information. Attention spans are down, so we need to reach our culture where they live and think. That's what Hotspots with Skip Heitzig are all about. A mobile, multitasking, and overloaded generation is accustomed to receiving everything from breaking news to social media in bite-size chunks. In response to that, Hotspots with Skip Heitzig offer sixty seconds of quick axioms, current events, and sharp calls-to-action from the Bible.


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May 2015

May 2015 Resource

May 2015 Resource

Keep Calm and Marry On Three-CD Package
Strengthen your marriage with these best-of teachings from Skip Heitzig: "No Man Is an Island," "The Hardest Word in a Marriage," and "Short Fuse for the Long Haul!"

Keep Calm and Marry On Pamphlet
This pamphlet highlights ten radical tips on how to keep the spark of love going in your marriage.

Keep Calm and Marry On C-Hows
These encouraging articles cover everything from dating to dealing with in-laws, from sex to the secret of understanding your spouse.

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