SERIES: Godprint: The Life of Abraham
MESSAGE: Genesis 13-14
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 13-14

All of us make mistakes; we falter and fail in our relationships with the Lord and with others. Abram was no different, but by God's mercy he is the Father of them that believe. As we examine his life and the lives of those around him, we'll see that they encountered trials and temptations not so different from our own. Let's take a look at the differences between godly Abram and worldly Lot, and avoid the hazards of flirting with temptation.


  1. Warning! Doubt is Hazardous
    1. Abram looked back at what he did in running away to Egypt.
    2. Abram learned that doubt can be hazardous to your spiritual health
    3. Abram was a new believer, learning to trust and walk
    4. By mercy he is the father of them that believe
    5. We too falter, fall, and fail, we are all learning
    6. Abram returns to the land of promise (It is better to trust God when the cupboards are bare than to live in abundance outside of His will)
    7. Abram went up vs.1
      1. Geographically
      2. Spiritually
      3. Relationally
  2. Riches
    1. Money is neutral
      1. It depends how someone is affected by it
      2. It depends what someone does with it
      3. The LOVE of money is a root of all kinds of evil, whether you have it or not 1 Tim 6
    2. Source
      1. Sometimes a result of God's blessing
      2. Sometimes people abuse power, steal or work hard for money
  3. Abram left Egypt
    1. Coming back with more than he had when he left
    2. Figurative of the children of Israel who plundered the Egyptians
    3. Returned to Bethel - the house of God
    4. Pitched his tent toward the house of God, between the dump (Ai) and the house of God (like us in between the dump of this world, and the house of God, heaven, we're moving toward)
  4. Repentance
    1. Abram remembers
    2. Abram repents
    3. Abram repeats what he did before
    4. Like the church of Ephesus in Revelation
    5. When we stumble there is an altar waiting for us
  5. Strive
    1. Stuff is a source of conflict between Abram and Lot
    2. The Canaanaites and Perizzites are watching and listening
      1. The world is watching us
      2. We must be careful who is watching and listening
    3. Two men who want 2 different things
      1. Abram
        1. Walking with God
        2. Deferred to Lot
        3. Abram repented
        4. Let's God choose for him
        5. Pitched his tent toward the house of God
        6. wise
        7. fled temptation
      2. Lot
        1. Waling with Abram
        2. Wanted it all
        3. Lot returned
        4. Chose it all for himself James 4
        5. Pitched his tent as far as Sodom
        6. Worldly
        7. Flirted with temptation
  6. Separation
    1. Good for Abram
      1. Incomplete obedience to take his family
      2. God promises him descendants and the land
    2. Bad for Lot
    3. We are called to be separate from those who don't walk with the Lord 2 Tim 2
  7. War (chapter 14 first mention of war in the Bible)
    1. 4 Hammite Kings vs. 5 Shemite Kings
    2. The cities in the Jordan valley who had paid tribute to Chedorlaomer rebelled
    3. Lot is in Sodom
      1. Saw Sodom
      2. Separated from Abram
      3. Pitched his tent toward Sodom
      4. Living in Sodom
      5. Will be politician in Sodom (chapter 19)
    4. Abram is a Hebrew (first mention)
    5. Abram engaged in battle
      1. He is a peacemaker
      2. Loved peace enough to fight for it
      3. 318 trained militiamen vs. armies of 4 kings
  8. Abram meets Melchizedek
    1. King of Righteousness
    2. King of Salem (peace)
    3. Monotheistic king in polytheistic culture
    4. Worships El Elyon
    5. Brings bread and wine
    6. Abram paid him a tithe
    7. Higher priesthood than Levi and Aaron (paid a tithe to him in Abram's loins)
    8. Who was he?
      1. Shem
      2. Canaanite King with divine revelation
      3. Jesus, pre-incarnate, Christophany
  9. King of Sodom
    1. Offers Abram of the spoils of war
    2. Abram wouldn't take them, he remembers Egypt
    3. Honors God
  10. Application
    1. Be careful with your vision, where you set your eyes
    2. Be careful with your values
    3. Be careful with your choices
Figures Referenced: Raphael, Michelangelo, Francis Schaeffer, George Beverly Shay Cross References: Genesis 19, Judges 7, Psalm 110, 1 Timothy 6, Hebrews 7:1-10

Topic: Abraham

Keywords: Abram, Lot, Melchizedek, war

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