SERIES: Godprint: The Life of Abraham
MESSAGE: Genesis 15
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 15

The nation of Israel is the avenue though which the Lord has blessed the world with the Messiah. God's promise to Abram guarantees their ownership of the land, and provides a picture of His divine accomplishment, based on God's work alone. Join us as we uncover the doctrine of justification by faith from our text in Genesis 15.


  1. Introduction
    1. Everything has a beginning, except God
    2. Genesis is the book of origins
      1. Universe
      2. Mankind
      3. Marriage
      4. Sin
      5. Salvation
      6. Israel
    3. Origin of Israel
      1. Abram called to go to Canaan
      2. Patriarchal Era 2165 - 1804 BC (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, 12 Tribes)
      3. Receptacle of the Messiah to bless the world
    4. Genesis 14
      1. Abraham's rescue operation
        1. 5 Shemmite kings revolt against the 4 Hammite Kings
        2. Lot taken captive along with the Shemmite kings
        3. Abram and 318 servants form army to go to war
      2. Abram meets Melchizedek
        1. King of Salem
        2. Melchizedek gives Abram bread and wine
        3. Abram pays him a tithe
        4. Type of Christ or theophany
      3. Abram meets Bera
        1. King of Sodom
        2. Bera offers him a monetary reward
        3. Abram declines the reward
  2. Fear Not vs. 15 (first mention, used 70+ times in the Bible)
    1. Abram was afraid
      1. Fear of vision (Daniel in Daniel 10, John in Revelation 1)
      2. After-battle blues (Elijah 1 Kings 18)
      3. Fear of Man
        1. What if Chedorlaomer retaliates/
        2. Refusal of the reward meant refusal of future alliance
    2. Fear is a destructive emotion
      1. Paralyzes you
      2. Irrational (university of Wisconsin study revealed that 40% of what we fear will never happen)
  3. God Answers Panic with Promise
    1. God has promised descendants (Genesis 12:2,7 , 13:14-16)
    2. Abram's Perplexity
      1. Abram is about 85 at the time
      2. Eliezer of Damascus (Damascus was the commerce capitol of the world at the time.  It could be like saying, "When I die, the bank is going to get everything.
    3. God Repeats the Promise
      1. God doesn't give explanations, He gives promises
      2. Same promise repeated, reveals patience
    4. God Clarifies the promise
    5. God Expands the promise
      1. Number the stars, so shall your descendants be
      2. Abraham looked up and saw a part of the galaxy   (Isaiah 40) (Milky Way 10,000 light years x 100,000 light years, 7.5 times around the world in 1 second, pass the moon in 1.5 seconds, pass Venus in 2'18", Pass Mercury in 4'30" 7.5' pass the sun, but it would take 100,000 years to cross our galaxy)
  4. Believe  - Genesis 15:6 (aman - to confirm, support)
    1. A key verse in the Bible
    2. The faith is counted as righteousness (Romans 4, Galatians 3, James 2)
    3. Justification by faith (Belief is all God requires, not works)
    4. Two Religious Systems
      1. Human Achievement
      2. Divine Accomplishment (all good works cannot cancel debt, but God accounts righteousness by putting what Christ did to the ledger of those who believe.
    5. Affirmation
      1. God introduces Himself
      2. God's self-proclamation 
    6. Abraham believes, not unbelief  he is looking for pragmatic solutions, how will it happen?
  5. Cutting a Covenant
    1. Cut the animal in two, (like shaking hands, or signing a contract)
    2. Abram waited from morning to night
    3. Why did God wait so long? To make a unilateral covenant (berith in Hebrew) not contingent on Abram
    4. Unconditional covenant to own the land
    5. Conditional to occupy the land
Hebrew Terms:  aman (to confirm, support) berith (covenant)
Cross References: Genesis 12:2,7 , 13:14-16, 1 Kings 18, Isaiah 40, Daniel 10, Romans 4:1, Galatians 3, James 2, Revelation 1

Topic: God's Covenant with Abraham

Keywords: Faith, Abram, Abraham, fear, afraid, covenant, promise, believe, belief, justification

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