SERIES: Godprint: The Life of Abraham
MESSAGE: Genesis 18
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 18

Abraham experienced trials and failures and yet the Bible refers to him as the friend of God. As we examine Genesis 18 we'll witness Abraham's encounter with three heavenly visitors and gain further insight into his relationship with the Lord. Let's explore the privileges and expectations of those who desire a friendship with God as we study the life of Abraham.


  1. Introduction - Abram to Abraham
    1. Abraham's Calling Genesis 11
    2. Abraham's Carnality Genesis 12
    3. Abraham's Courage Genesis 14
    4. Abraham's Communions Genesis 14
    5. Abraham's Covenant Genesis 15
    6. Abraham's Compromise Genesis 16
    7. Abraham's Circumcision Genesis 17
  2. Contrast between Abraham and Lot
    1. Abraham
      1. Blessed
      2. Blessing
      3. Gained God's promises (land and descendants)
    2. Lot
      1. Lost his home, wife, children, everything
    3. Application
      1. Put first things first and the second things will be thrown in
      2. Seek first the kingdom of God
  3. Abraham a friend to God
    1. Three unusual visitors (the Lord and 2 angels)
    2. We are Jesus friends when we obey him  John 15:14-15
    3. The Bible refers to Abraham as the friend of God 3 times
      1. 2 Chronicles 20, James 2:23
      2. God Himself refers to Abraham as friend in Isaiah 41:8
  4. How to be a friend of God
    1. Spontaneity 18:1
      1. Heat of the day, people resting, and the Lord appeared
      2. God can suddenly change directions in your life
      3. The 3 men
        1. Trinity (view of the Church of England)
        2. Best to see this as the Lord and two angels
      4. Be flexible
    2. Humility
      1. Abraham was a sheik, but he bowed down - shachah - bow down
      2. In God's presence I'm not important (who He is, who we are) Isaiah 6
      3. Abraham called him my Lord, Adonai
    3. Ministry
      1. Personally
        1.  Abraham didn't have his servants do the work, he did it personally
        2. Every Christian has a ministry
        3. Serving God's people is serving Him
      2. Immediately (Abraham was hot, old, and had servants, but he served)
      3. Generously
        1. Give the best
        2. Don't give leftovers
        3. Serving God costs something

(Sarah laughed that the visitors said she would have a child.  God rebuked her.  When Abraham laughed God didn't rebuke him.  They were different types of laughter.)

    1. Conformity
      1. Abraham believed God, walked in God's will
      2. You are a friend if you do whatever Jesus commands you John 15
  1. Is there anything too hard for the Lord?
    1. Of course not!
    2. When you pray, remember who you are praying to!
  2. Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
    1. Sodom
      1. Mentioned 6 times in the Old Testament, and 4 times in the New Testament
      2. Byword for sexual perversion
    2. Abraham's influence
      1. His family
        1. Children spend 16% of their time in school, 1% in church, 83% at home
        2. We are called to set an example
      2. The world
    3. Outcry against Sodom
      1. God responds to the outcry
      2. Lot
        1. Could have been making the outcry
        2. Hebrews refers to him as righteous
      3. God is not reactive
        1. He makes personal investigation
        2. His judgment is never unrighteous
        3. God acts in judgment when iniquity is full

(The sin of Sodom Ezekiel 16:49 pride, abundance of food, abundance of idleness, didn't care for the poor)

  1. Intercession
    1. Abraham is not backing God into a corner
    2. God's plan was to spare the righteous
    3. Prayer is not my will in heaven, it's God's will on earth
    4. Christlike to pray
    5. Why did he stop at 10?  Thinking of Lot and his family
    6. Lot was sitting in the gate, a leader, walking in the way of the ungodly

Hebrew terms: shachah (bowed), Adonai (Lord, master)

Figures Referenced: C.S. Lewis, Max Lucado, Mark Twain, Warren Wiersbe

Cross References: 2 Chronicles 20, Psalm 1, Isaiah 41:8, Ezekiel 16:49, John 15:14, 15, James 2:23

Topic: Friendship with God

Keywords: Friend, friendship, Abraham, theophany, Sodom, Gomorrah, prayer, intercession, Lot, laughter, Sarah

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