SERIES: Godprint: The Life of Abraham
MESSAGE: Genesis 19
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 19

The topic of God's judgment makes some people squirm. Believing that God is loving, gracious, merciful and kind often comes easier than viewing Him as Judge. As we investigate the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah we'll come to terms with the necessity of His judgment. We'll also be reminded that God is in the business of redemption, and that He dealt with the sin of those who believe at the cross of Calvary.


  1. Introduction
    1. God is patient, slow to anger
    2. God's judgment
      1. God is righteous, everything he does is always right (Genesis 18:25)
      2. God's judgment is essential
      3. To never judge would be amoral and unjust
    3. Attributes of God
      1. Love mentioned 360 times
      2. Grace mentioned 148 times
      3. Mercy mentioned 282 times
      4. Peace mentioned 397 times
      5. Judge mentioned 188 times, judgment 190 times, judgments 122 times (over 500 references to God's judgment)
      6. Jesus used the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as an illustration of judgment Luke 17:22-30
  2. Lot
    1. Illustrates a worldly, half-hearted believer
    2. His downward steps
      1. Looked longingly at Sodom Genesis 13:10
      2. Chose to be near Sodom Genesis 13:11
      3. Moved closer to Sodom Genesis 13:12
      4. Moved into Sodom Genesis 14:12
      5. In a leadership position in Sodom Genesis 19:1
    3. Lot's house (first mention of house)
      1. Abraham - pilgrim, tent, heavenly minded Hebrews 11
      2. Lot - citizen, house, focused on earthly things
  3. The Wickedness of Sodom
    1. Yadha - in context refers to sexual knowledge
    2. Old Testament condemns homosexuality
    3. New Testament homosexuality is used as an example of the downward spiral of culture
    4. Practicing homosexuals don't consider it a sin
      1. Some claim to be Christian
      2. Reinterpret Scripture
        1. D. Sherwin Bailey - said the sin of Sodom was being inhospitable, claimed that New Testament references had no authority, said that homosexual promiscuity is a sin, but not homosexuality
        2. Troy Perry of the Metropolitan Community Church - claims homosexuality is a gift from God
        3. A straightforward reading of the text is clear, confirms it is a sin
    5. God is in the redemption business
  4. Sodom Takes its Toll on Lot
    1. Lot's daughters had not known a man in a sexual manner
    2. Hospitality was sacred
    3. Lot had lost his moral compass
      1. He offered his daughters to the mob
      2. Calls the people of Sodom "brethren"
    4. Women were degraded in ancient culture
    5. People accused him of judging them
  5. Angels Rescue Lot
    1. Angels are referenced in 34 books of the Bible (17 in Old Testament, 17 in New Testament - 103 references in Old Testament, 165 references in New Testament)
    2. God's secret agents - Billy Graham
    3. Ministering spirits - Hebrews
    4. Angels are invisible, but sometimes clothed with bodies so they can interact with them i.e. Garden of Eden, Abraham's dinner guests (Genesis 18)
    5. Angelic power (2 Kings 18)
    6. Get out of town!
    7. Escape to Zoar
  6. God Differentiates in Judgment Between the Godly and the Ungodly
    1. Flood - saved the 8
    2. Hailstones on the Amorites (Joshua 10)
    3. Those marked are spared (Ezekiel 9)
    4. 144,000 believing Jews (Revelation 7)
    5. Rapture of the church
    6. God doesn't destroy the righteous (2 Peter 2)
  7. Judgment
    1. Lot's wife looked back
    2. Abraham may have thought 10 righteous was enough
    3. God still delivered the righteous out of the city, though he didn't spare the city
    4. Melvin Kyle cites geological evidence of the destruction
  8. Sin Persists
    1. Lot's daughter's moral compass was awry
    2. Lot drunk
    3. His daughter's lay with him
    4. Moabites & Ammonites
      1. Archenemies of Israel
      2. Molech is one of their gods
      3. Carnal seduction of Israel (Numbers 25)
  9. Application
    1. Our decisions are significant
    2. God's actions are always right
      1. Sodom's judgment is a preview of future judgment
      2. We don't have to go through the future judgment
      3. Stand in Christ!
Hebrew terms: Yadha - to know
Figures Referenced: D. Sherwin Bailey, Troy Perry, Billy Graham, Melvin Kyle
Cross References: Genesis 13:10-12, Genesis 14:12, Genesis 18:25, Numbers 25, Joshua 10,  2 Kings 18, Ezekiel 9, Luke 17:22-30, Hebrews 11, 2 Peter 2, Revelation 7

Topic: God's Judgment

Keywords: Sodom, Gomorrah, homosexuality, judgment, wicked, angels

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