SERIES: Godprint: The Life of Abraham
MESSAGE: Genesis 20:1-21:8
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 20:1-21:8

As believers we are new creations in Christ, however, we still carry around our old nature; the battle between the spirit and the flesh is a struggle for all of us. As we consider the life of Abraham, we see him fall once again into a familiar sin. The consequences of his choices are damaging, hurting others and ruining his testimony before unbelievers. But as we'll see in our text, God is faithful, and causes all things to work together for good for those who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.


  1. Repetition of Previous Sin
    1. Abraham was a believer
    2. He had a new life with an old nature
      1. Battle between the spirit and the flesh
      2. Struggle for all believers
      3. We want to serve the Lord
      4. We want to serve ourselves
  2. Abraham - Pilgrim and Worshiper (20:1)
    1. Journeyed to the south
    2. By faith
    3. Went to Gerar
      1. Just over the border
      2. Out of the promised land
      3. Enemy territory
        1. Living in fear
        2. Lies
    4. We are supposed to flee temptation
  3. Abraham Lies (vs. 2)
    1. Sarah is my sister
    2. She is 90 years old, but beautiful
    3. Customary to give women to form an alliance
  4. But God (vs. 3-6)
    1. Joseph in Egypt "you meant for evil, but God meant for good" - Genesis 50
    2. Ephesians 2
    3. Abraham did a dumb thing, but God came to the rescue
    4. Integrity
      1. First mention (from the lips of a Philistine)
      2. If you are a person of integrity, God will keep you from further plunging into sins that destroy families
      3. If you lack integrity you are in danger of going into areas that destroy
    5. The sin was primarily against God (adultery)
      1. God invented marriage
      2. God is always looking
  5. Abraham a Prophet (vs. 7-10)
    1. First mention
    2. Abraham was disobedient, but still God's prophet
      1. When we sin we can still be used by God
      2. Repercussions remain (Proverbs 13)
      3. God doesn't allow His children to sin successfully - Charles H. Spurgeon
      4. When believers stumble, we are like murky springs (Proverbs 25)
  6. Thinkers and Prayers (vs. 11)
    1. Abraham thought wrong
    2. Didn't pray, strategized
    3. Assumption is the lowest form of communication
  7. Half Truth (vs. 12)
    1. Technically Sarah was Abraham's half sister
    2. Half truth is a total lie
    3. False witness
      1. Ten commandments
      2. False witness against Jesus was a half truth
      3. Not the information, but the implication
    4. A Pattern of Sin (vs. 13)
      1. Abraham wasn't pressured, didn't panic, but he planned
      2. When a believer falls it is often where he's previously fallen
  8. Testimony Ruined (vs. 14-18)
    1. Abraham could not preach to Abimelech
    2. Abimelech would not receive from Abraham
    3. We all have someone we've hurt
    4. We can pray
      1. Frees us from bitterness
      2. Blesses them
  9. God Did What He Said (21:1)
    1. 25 years after the promise
    2. Long time between promise and fulfillment (vs. 2)
      1. More dramatic
      2. Walk by faith
      3. God's delays are not denials
  10. Isaac (vs. 3-7)
    1. Hebrew Yitzach, means laughter
    2. Circumcised the eighth day
    3. Abraham 100 years old, impossible
    4. Nothing is too hard for the Lord
    5. Brought laughter to the home
      1. Children laugh 150 times a day
      2. Adults laugh 15 times a day
      3. Laughter releases chemicals that elevate mood and are natural painkillers
  11. Isaac weaned (vs. 8)
    1. Three years old
    2. No longer dependant on milk, but solid food
    3. Spiritual parallel (Hebrews 5)
      1. As we mature we don't need to be spoon fed
      2. Ready for solid foods
    4. Celebration
Hebrew Terms: Yitzach (laughter)
Figures Referenced: Charles H. Spurgeon
Cross References: Genesis 50, Proverbs 13, 25, Romans 8:28-29, Ephesians 2, Hebrews 5

Topic: Abraham's Sin

Keywords: Abraham, Sarah, Abimelech, lie, prophet, disobedience, testimony, prayer

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