SERIES: Church? Who Needs It
MESSAGE: The Deacon-Possessed Church
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Acts 6:1-15;Acts 20:1-36

Yes, this message's title is a play on the words demon-possessed. Deacons were among the church's earliest leaders and so were elders. Leadership is needed in every sphere of life from governing a nation, managing a business, growing a marriage, and superintending a church. Jesus called the church His church, so no single person or denomination can lay claim to it. But how is the church to operate as an organization? And how is it that some deacons and elders stop being helpful and humble and become downright hurtful?

I. Servants Should be Helpful (Acts 6:1-8)

II. Servants Can be Hurtful (Acts 20:29-31)

III. Servants Must be Humble (Acts 20:28)

Questions for Home Groups:

  1. Look at the qualifications for servant leaders (deacons) in Acts 6:3. How important are they and why are these qualities listed? Are there other qualities needed in your opinion?

  2. Note the difference between "wolves" coming into the church from the outside and those who rise up "from among yourselves" coming from the inside. Have you ever seen either of these? How was it handled?

  3. Describe your own accountability? Is it sufficient? Do you feel safe?

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