SERIES: Who Is This Jesus?
MESSAGE: Jesus: the Man of the Book
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5: 17-19

What did Jesus think of the Bible? Of course, in His time the Bible was made up of only the Old Testament—the 39 documents that included the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings. This issue is all-important: How can we take Jesus seriously if we don't believe what He believed about the very foundation of truth? Five characteristics of what Jesus thought about the Bible emerge from Jesus' words in this text.


  1. It Has Authority
  2. It Demonstrates Accuracy
  3. It Will Have Longevity
  4. It Reveals a Personality
  5. It Requires Responsibility

Pondering the Principles:
  1. How do you make decisions in Life?

    1. By whatever feels right at the time?

    2. By what others tell you that you should do?

    3. By what society around you does in similar situations?

    4. By principles found in God's inerrant, authoritative, and eternal Word?

  2. Ponder this question: It is impossible to accept Jesus Christ’s authority without accepting the Scripture authority?  Why is this true, or why not?

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