SERIES: Paul's Long Road to Rome
MESSAGE: Vendetta!
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig

The salvation of Saul of Tarsus stands as one of the most significant events in history. But before he surrendered to the will of God, he was entrenched in blind religious zeal that was fueled by his rage. Let's trace the steps of this man's animosity towards early believers in Jesus Christ. This will help us to better appreciate the wonderful change in him and his influence on us today.

I. Watching a Martyr (Acts 7:58)

II. Wanting a Murder (Acts 8:1)

III. Working a Mission (Acts 8:3)

IV. Wasting a Movement (Acts 9:1-2)


  1. What were you like before you came to Christ? What was your view of Christians? What did you think about church? What did you think when you heard someone talking about Jesus?

  2. Whom do you know that you would consider "an impossible case" when it comes to getting saved? Does Paul's life and salvation give you any hope?

  3. How can religious belief actually be a dangerous thing? Think of some modern examples.

Topic: Salvation

Keywords: conversion, saved, salvation, transformed,

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