SERIES: Against All Odds
MESSAGE: Why Did Jesus Come?
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 12:18-21

The prophets of the Old Testament gave hundreds of predictions over 1,500 years about the coming Messiah: where He would be born, how His birth would be different, where He would move to, and where He would be raised. They also predicted events and unique features of His life and ministry. But Matthew shows that Isaiah foretold His character and His conduct. He not only came to this world against all odds; He lived among people against all expectations.


  1. He Came to Serve (v. 18)

    1. He Served the Father

    2. He Served People

  2. He Came to Speak (v. 18b)

    1. Empowered by the Spirit

    2. Embracing All the People

  3. He Came to Strengthen (vv. 19-20)

    1. Not an Attacker

    2. But an Equipper

  4. He Came to Save (v. 21)

    1. He Can Triumph

    2. He Can Be Trusted

Topic: Prophecy

Keywords: prophecy, Jesus' life, Servant of the Father, Servant of the Lord, Messiah, justice, miracles, teaching, preaching, truth, Scriptures, Gentiles, reeds, dignity, strength, broken, brokenness, salvation

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