SERIES: Against All Odds
MESSAGE: The Long-Expected Traitor
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: John 13:18-19

We have learned that Jesus’ whole life, ministry, and atoning sacrifice were foreseen and expected by the Old Testament writers. But did you know that His betrayer was also expected and anticipated? The prophets predicted him, and Jesus announced him. Judas had no idea he was fulfilling the Scriptures by being the turncoat—but he was. Let’s also ponder what Jesus knows about us and how we can be a joy and delight to His heart.


  1. He Was Among the Followers (v. 2)

    1. On the Same Team

    2. Near the Same Lord

  2. He Was Against the Master (v. 18)

    1. Turned away His Heart

    2. Lifted up His Heel

  3. He Was Anticipated by Scripture (vv. 18-19)

    1. Quoting David

    2. Fulfilling Zechariah

Topic: Prophecy

Keywords: prophecy, betrayal, traitor, prayer, disciples, Last Supper, hypocrisy, Judas Iscariot

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