SERIES: White Collar Sins
MESSAGE: Sin in a Three-Piece Suit
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 23

Someone remarked that our sense of sin is in proportion to our nearness to God. We’re usually good at being aware of blatant wickedness, but what about less obvious infractions? Are we willing to point fingers at others for flagrant iniquity while coddling our own vices? The truth is that many are too Christian to enjoy sinning while being too fond of sinning to enjoy Christianity. My purpose in this series isn’t to condemn anyone. I hope to stimulate a heart for holiness for a fulfilled life and happy relationships. To start off this series, consider five characteristics of sin.


  1. Sin Is Detectable (vv. 1-3)

  2. Sin Is Dangerous (v. 23a)

  3. Sin Is Diverse (v. 23-26)

  4. Sin Is Deceptive (v. 27)

  5. Sin Is Dismissible (v. 37)

Topic: Sin

Keywords: sin, hypocrisy, hamartiology, confrontation, tithe, repentance

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