SERIES: White Collar Sins
MESSAGE: Fighting the Green-Eyed Monster
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 37; Acts 7:9-10

Some attitudes can go undetected, at least for a while. You can't see someone committing envy or having resentful thoughts. But envy is detrimental because it blinds us and makes it impossible for us to think clearly. It discolors everything around us and steals our peace. Some know what it’s like to be envied, like Marilyn Monroe who once quipped, "Success makes so many people hate you." But most of us from time to time struggle with envying someone else.


  1. Envy Has a History (Genesis 37:1-2)

  2. Envy Has a Recipe (Genesis 37:2-11)

  3. Four Contributing Factors

  4. Envy Has a Remedy (Genesis 39:1-2; Acts 7:9-10)

    1. For Those Targeted

    2. For Those Inflicting

Topic: Envy

Keywords: envy, coveting, jealousy, honesty, greed, resentment, thanksgiving

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