SERIES: Smart Home
MESSAGE: Get Prequalified: Finding a Mate
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 24; Genesis 29

Dating can be exciting. It can also get weird and end poorly. I like the common sense of one who quipped, "Some people are unmarried for the same reason that some drivers run out of gas. They pass too many filling stations looking for their favorite brand!" Though dating was unknown in biblical times, let’s look at five principles in budding relationships to help you prequalify to build a solid, long-lasting, and satisfying Smart Home.


  1. Separation (Genesis 24:5-7)

  2. Supplication (Genesis 24:12-21)

  3. Selectivity (Genesis 29:9-12, 15-17)

  4. Sacrifice (Genesis 29:18-19)

  5. Stamina (Genesis 29:21-28)

Topic: dating

Keywords: courtship, commitment, dating, marriage, mate

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