SERIES: Smart Home
MESSAGE: Following the Blueprint: A Husband’s Love
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Ephesians 5:25-32

To live in a Smart Home, occupants must follow the architect’s blueprint. God, the inventor of marriage, has given roles to husbands and wives so they can live together in harmony and joy. The basic role of a husband is to love his wife. This love is explained and described by the architect in the building documents found in Ephesians 5. This kind of love that a husband lavishes on his wife will enable her to fulfill her role with greater ease and deeper contentment.


  1. A Singular Love (v. 25a)

  2. A Sacrificial Love (v. 25b)

  3. A Sanctifying Love (vv. 26-27)

  4. A Sensitive Love (vv. 28-30)

  5. A Shatterproof Love (v. 31)

  6. A Showcase Love (v. 32)

Topic: husbands

Keywords: cultivating, husband, leadership, love, marriage, nurturing, role, submission, wife

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