SERIES: Paul's Long Road to Rome
MESSAGE: The Family Business
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Philippians 1:3-7;Acts 16

You and I are part of a family business. We’re partners with God our Father and with our spiritual brothers and sisters. In this age of individuality and independence it’s time to reconsider this family business and our participation in it. Let’s see how it works as we consider Paul’s ministry at Philippi.

I. A Look Backward—The Partnership Begins (Vss 3-5, Acts 16)
  A. Thankful for the Gospel’s Power
  B. Prayerful for the Gospel’s Partners

II. A Look Inward—The Partnership Blossoms (Vs 6)
  A. The Senior Partner’s Performance
  B. The Junior Partners Participation

III. A Look Forward—The Partnership Broadens (Vs 7)
  A. The Gospel Defended
  B. The Gospel Expanded


1. Name something specific you’ve thanked God for lately that caused you personal discomfort but enhanced God’s reputation and spread His message.

2. Are you prone to take credit for good things done or pass the glory on to God? How does each response demonstrate one’s relationship to God?

3. Have you ever asked God to fill you with His Holy Spirit and make you bold in declaring His life-changing gospel? Why not ask Him to do it this week? (Happy fishing)

Topic: Church

Keywords: family, church, congregation, participation, ministry, team, church plant, Philippian, gospel,

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