SERIES: Smart Home
MESSAGE: Patching Holes in the Smart Home
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Song_of_Solomon 5-6

Most marriages are marked by periodic skirmishes, but did you know that disagreements can actually strengthen your marriage instead of weakening it? A lot will depend on how you patch the holes left by a disagreement. Conflict resolution is an essential skill that will minimize permanent relational damage. Let’s take a look at Solomon’s marriage to his Shulamite bride, the first fight they had, and their final reconciliation.


  1. Conflict Is Normal (5:1-6)

  2. Collaboration Must Be Careful (5:7-9)

  3. Conciliation Is Essential (6:3-4)

Topic: conflict

Keywords: argument, collaboration, conflict, couples, fight, marriage, reconciliation, resolution, spouse

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