SERIES: Paul's Long Road to Rome
MESSAGE: Maximum Impact!
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Acts 18:1-11

Life cannot be lived in a vacuum. We live our lives in public, rubbing shoulders with people, both believers and unbelievers who are always watching us. How can we influence people with maximum impact? What ways can our example make an eternal difference right where we live? Paul's excellent example shows us exactly that. Below are the four "ships" that can noticeably impact the sea of our own sphere of influence.

I. Relationship
 A. Living With People (Vs1-2)
 B. Working With People (Vs 3)

II. Worship
 A. Consistent Expression (Vs4)
 B. Bible Exposition (Vs11)

III. Apostleship
 A. Going Out (Vs1)
 B. Speaking Out (Vss 4-5)

IV. Hardship
 A. Response to Resentment
 B. Response to Reassurance

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