SERIES: Paul's Long Road to Rome
MESSAGE: Power Encounters! - Part 1
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Acts 19:11-22

On Paul's way to Rome he encountered both victory and opposition. While in Ephesus, where he stayed longer than anywhere else, Paul interacted with the spirit world in a dramatic way. Today and next week we will study these "power encounters" and discover what our relationship to the supernatural is and should be. In part one of this study we will consider how both the miraculous and the demonic affect our world and thus our lives.

I. Supernatural Activity (Vss 11-12)
  A. Unusual Miracles
  B. Undeniable Might

II. Superficial Authority (Vss13-14)
  A. Itinerant Exorcists
  B. Priestly Spiritists
    1. Self-Called
    2. Superstitious


III. Superhuman Capacity (Vss15-16)
  A. Verbal Contradiction
  B. Violent Opposition

IV. Superintended Priority (Vss17-21)
  A. Jesus was Glorified
  B. Believers were Purified
  C. Direction was Clarified

Topic: Spiritual

Keywords: power, spiritual, holy spirit, supernatural, miracles, healing, spiritual gifts, miraculous,

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