SERIES: Shelter in Grace
MESSAGE: Down but Not Out!
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig

Ouch! We all learn to say that word pretty early on in life, and we say it all the way through until the very end. Life hurts. Our life span is marked by life sorrows. But our response is what is central to the outcome. When life delivers a knockdown punch, it doesn’t need to become a knockout! Let’s see how Job got back up to shelter in grace.


  1. The Reality of Job’s Life (1:1, 13-19)

    1. Blameless (1:1)

    2. Buffeted (1:13-14)

  2. The Response of Job’s Heart (1:20-22)

    1. Sorrowful

    2. Worshipful

  3. The Resentment of Job’s Wife (2:9)

    1. Anger

    2. Advice

  4. The Resolve of Job’s Will (2:10)

    1. Rebuke

    2. Restraint

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