SERIES: Shelter in Grace
MESSAGE: The Ultimate Shelter
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Job 19:23-27

Job was impressive at the beginning of his trials. He immediately sheltered in grace by worshiping God and trusting His wisdom (see Job 1:20-22). But the sheer physical pain, emotional turmoil, and outside criticism wore him down, moving him out of his shelter. Now there is a sudden change in Job’s tone and outlook as he looks to the future to his ultimate shelter.


  1. His Shelter Is a Person (vv. 23-25)

    1. He Is a Redeemer

    2. He Is Alive

  2. His Shelter Is Personal (vv. 25a-26a)

    1. Job Is Specific, Not Generic

    2. Job Is Confident, Not Hesitant

  3. His Shelter Is Perpetual (vv. 26-27)

    1. Eventual Death

    2. Eternal Life

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