SERIES: Shelter in Grace
MESSAGE: Discovering God; Discovering Myself
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Job 42:1-6

It’s appropriate that we conclude our series Shelter in Grace as our world is beginning to open up again from the effects of the coronavirus. Today we come to the conclusion of the book of Job where he finally meets up with his God and makes three powerful discoveries followed by one essential decision. His armchair-philosopher friends are silenced as God reveals Himself to Job. What he discovers about God and himself is humbling and insightful. Likewise, let’s also determine to be different after this lockdown.


  1. Three Monumental Discoveries: Revelation (42:1-4)

    1. The Majesty of God (38:1ff.; 42:1-5)

    2. The Inadequacy of Man (40:4; 42:5-6)

    3. The Generosity of God towards Man (42:10)

  2. One Essential Decision: Repentance (42:5-6)

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