SERIES: 20/20: Seeing Truth Clearly
MESSAGE: The Holy Spirit in the World
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: John 16:5-11

We are not alone in the universe! That’s the premise of most sci-fi documentaries, but I’m not referring to alien life from another galaxy, rather to the living God Himself. In particular, I am referring to the Holy Spirit. He has a particular role when it comes to working in this world, and that is to awaken people to their great need for Christ. In our series 20/20: Seeing Truth Clearly, we will turn in the next few weeks to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. What is His role in the life of the unbeliever and the life of the believer?


  1. His Presence Is Needful (vv. 5-7)

    1. Jesus Would Be Leaving

    2. The Spirit Will Be Leading

  2. His Pressure Is Unmistakable (vv. 8-11)

    1. He Convicts the World of Sin

    2. He Convicts the World of Righteousness

    3. He Convicts the World of Judgment

  3. His People Are Instrumental (v. 7)

    1. He Works In Tandem with Us

    2. We Witness In Tandem with Him

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