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MESSAGE: Stranger Things
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5:1-12

People have never been more attracted to the strange, the phenomenal, the abnormal, and the inexplicable as they are today. From interest in UFOs to government conspiracy theories to TV shows about any of the above, people are looking beyond the natural and into the supernatural. Likewise in New Testament times. The world was longing for a hero to come, but Jesus was not the hero they were expecting! The Sermon on the Mount displays just how strange the mission and the kingdom that Jesus proclaimed was to the people of His day. Let’s consider four elements that must have seemed like stranger things to most people then and still are now.


  1. A Strange Hopefulness (4:23-25; 5:1)

  2. A Strange Emphasis (5:2)

  3. A Strange Truthfulness (5:3, 10)

  4. A Strange Happiness (5:3-12)

Topic: Beatitudes

Keywords: Christian living, the gospel, happiness, harvest, hope, joy, kingdom, Sermon on the Mount, supernatural

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