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MESSAGE: The Game You Must Win!
SPEAKER: Nate Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: 1 Peter 5:8-10

People play games for a variety of reasons. Some play for enjoyment or socialization, some to prevent boredom, and some for challenge and achievement; but most play to win. Any good game strategist would say that knowing your opposition is one of the most important ways to succeed. In this message, Nate Heitzig examines our opponent, Satan, who uses the world’s system and our sin nature to undermine and distract us. We discover that one of our greatest advantages is knowing that the Devil has already lost and Jesus has already won.


  1. Know Your Adversary

  2. To Win the Game, You’ll Lose Some Pawns

  3. Play the Endgame

Keywords: the Devil, the Enemy, Satan, spiritual warfare, temptation, victory

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