SERIES: Hunting Giants
MESSAGE: The Giant of Silence
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 14:1-10

"Silence is golden," says the old adage. But that is true only sometimes. Many other times, to be silent is to be complicit in the evil that is being committed around us. John the Baptist, one of the most outspoken prophetic voices in history, helps us navigate the need to speak out against evil and immorality. He confronted a powerful political leader of his day, pointing out where he had violated God’s law. John was imprisoned and executed as a result. Should Christians enter the public square to dialogue about moral issues? Yes, but let’s see how.


  1. The Guilty Conscience of a Politician (vv. 1-10)

  2. The Gutsy Courage of a Prophet (v. 4)

  3. The Great Cost for God’s People (vv. 3, 10)

Keywords: boldness, confrontation, fear, the gospel, love, moral issues, morality, persecution, sin, truth

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