SERIES: Darkroom
MESSAGE: Welcome to the Darkroom
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: Genesis 39:20-23

Just as photographs were once developed in a darkroom, so God develops our lives through dark and difficult times. A photographer works to make a beautiful picture come to life in the dim light of that environment, and God develops us in the gloomiest of circumstances. He’s done it for years and He’s done it with great success. God’s best workers have emerged from the darkest moments to make the greatest impact. Joseph was one of them. Pockmarked by early hardship in life, Joseph eventually got thrown into a dark dungeon. But that’s just the beginning of his story!


  1. Dark Times Are Permitted by God (v. 20)

  2. Dark Times Enhance the Presence of God (v. 21)

  3. Dark Times Are a Pathway for God (vv. 20, 22)

  4. Dark Times Include Perks from God (vv. 21, 23)

Keywords: afflicted, bitter, battered, better, blessing, conquerors, consequence, dark, darkroom, favor, hope, Joseph, light, mercy, misery, pain, patience, perks, prison, problems, profitable, prosper, resilient, rise, storm, suffer, suffering, trial

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