SERIES: Darkroom
MESSAGE: The Darkness of a Broken Family
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig
SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 24

One of the darkest rooms anyone can enter is dealing with a broken family. To be part of a family that is fragmented and malfunctioning feels bleak and miserable. The by-products of being in such a family are feeling unwanted, unloved, and isolated. But did you know that many people in Scripture came from such families, including David? The good news is that God is in the business of fixing broken things, including broken families. David’s darkroom of family difficulty is what we consider here.


  1. Blemished Is Better Than Broken (vv. 1-2)

  2. Respect Is Better Than Revenge (vv. 3-7)

  3. Light Is Better Than Darkness (v. 8)

  4. Truth Is Better Than Triumph (vv. 9-19)

Keywords: affliction, authority, blemished, broken, brokenness, calloused, communication, conflict, confront, confrontation, darkness, David, dysfunction, enemy, family, flaw, forgiveness, forsaken, honor, imperfect, jealous, light, reconciliation, resolving, respect, revenge, triumph, trust, truth

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