SERIES: Paul's Long Road to Rome
MESSAGE: Storm Stories
SPEAKER: Skip Heitzig

When Paul the Apostle took this final and eventually fatal journey to Rome, there was no navigational equipment, no GPS, no Electronic Chart-plotter, no color depth sounder nor radar aboard. A storm came suddenly without warning and threatened these travelers. But the divine GPS (God's Positioning Spirit) was aboard to direct them to Rome. From Paul's storm experience, what can we learn about facing difficulties in our own lives?

I. Storms Bring Change
  A. Change of Plans (26:32-27:2)
  B. Change in Comfort (vss 4, 7-9, 14)
  C. Change of Values (vss 16-19)

II. Storms Bolster Confidence
  A. Confidence in God’s Plan (vss 21-24)
  B. Confidence in God’s Promises (vs 25)


1. When storms hit your life suddenly how you react is usually determined by what preparations you've made up until that moment. See what Job did when sudden tragedy occurred (Job 1:13-22; 2:7-10) See also Proverbs 3:25

2. Share a storm story with a friend facing a tempest. What lessons have you learned that will help others stay anchored in the gale?

3. What do you know about the nature of God that you’ve learned only in storms?

Topic: Suffering

Keywords: difficulties, trouble, difficult, weakness, trials, tribulation, affliction,

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