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May 2017

May 2017 Resource

May 2017 Resource

Jesus Loves Addicts booklet by Skip Heitzig Jesus loves all people—including addicts. In this booklet, Skip Heitzig discusses the reality of addiction in our world, looking at various addictions—substance, sexual, and social—and offering biblical solutions. Jesus Loves the Broken booklet by Skip Heitzig Many people struggle with depression—feelings of intense hopelessness and despair. In this booklet, Skip Heitzig discusses the reality of depression and brokenness in the lives of people—Christians included—looking at both the reasons and remedies for spiritual depression.

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Photo of Skip Heitzig StudyingAs a body of believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it is our desire to "comfort each other and edify one another" (1 Thessalonians 5:11). With words of encouragement, stories with application, and insight into the Word of God, we invite you to sign up for Pastor Skip's weekly devotional email.


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Jesus Loves People

Jesus Loves People Art

Jesus loves people—all people:prostitutes, drug addicts, abusers—and you. This profound truth is at the very heart of the gospel. Jesus loves the unlovable and touches the untouchable, and during His time on earth, He was compassionate and merciful toward people from all walks of life. What would it be like if you personally encountered Him? Join Pastor Skip Heitzig in this series to learn more about God's radical love for you and fall more in love with the living Savior. Visit for more information on this series.

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Skip Heitzig's Facebook wallThe Through the Bible Teaching Library contains 729 full-length sermons from Pastor Skip Heitzig covering the entire Bible. The teachings are in an MP3 format and come on a set of 15 CDROMS that can be played on an MP3 compatible device. The files can also be copied to your computer and then listened to using your media player.


Photo of Deep & WideDeep and Wide is an anthology of 500 complete weekend teachings given by Skip over a number of years. This package is comprised of thirty-one complete topical teaching series. For details visit the Deep and Wide product page.