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Beyond the Summer of Love

The 1960s promised us an explosion of love and brotherhood, but instead they delivered a nation in turmoil, confusion, and moral decline. Fortunately, God has the solution for our damaged families. In "Beyond the Summer of Love," Pastor Skip Heitzig gives a biblical guide for marriage and families that can help restore relationships which have been damaged by sin.

Re-released book—formerly titled "Relationships: Connecting the Knots in the Threads of Life".

Defying Normal: Soaring Above the Status Quo

It's tough being a Christian today. So much has changed in the social and moral landscape of our nation that believers feel like strangers in their own culture. The temptation to compromise one’s character and beliefs for the purpose of fitting into this new world grows stronger every day. Yet, we want to please God by staying faithful to His Word. Defying Normal challenges readers to exercise self-control, live out their faith in all situations, act with humility, and stand by biblical principles to rise to new levels of the Christian experience.

Drawing Near ebook

In Drawing Near, Pastor Skip Heitzig examines the primary means we have of communicating with God: prayer. You'll find important teaching on the how and why of prayer, being thankful, using the name of Jesus in prayer, praying for others, and what to do when prayer doesn't work. Learn how to have a powerful and productive prayer life!

God Print: Making Your Mark for Christ

A Christian leaves a God print whenever he or she, by the power of the Holy Spirit, positively influences the world for the cause of Christ. Every Christian has the opportunity to leave a lasting, God-centered, positive impression upon the earth. The Bible is chock-full of people who did just this: Moses, David, Mary, Paul, and, of course, the Lord Jesus Himself. But when we want to zero in on a character who doesn't seem so different from us, and yet who left behind an enormous God print, a lasting legacy that continues to bless the world today - we have to mention Abraham. Join Pastor Skip Heitzig as he takes us on a journey through the life of Abraham, asking the question, "How are we to make our mark for Christ in the world in which we live?"

Homeland Security

Our nation is constantly on guard to preserve democracy and freedom. But we need to pay attention to the safety and well being of our souls. In his book, Homeland Security, Skip Heitzig examines the spiritual threats that all believers face, from the personal and family levels, up through the global level. Find out what God's Word says about these threats, and how we can best follow God's original plan for victory.

How To Study The Bible & Enjoy It

This book contains helpful information to instruct believers on how to have meaningful times of Bible study. The great challenge of the Bible is that it provides a lifetime of inspiration and information. With that comes responsibility to read it on an ongoing basis throughout our lifetime. This book contains 141 pages.

The Daily God Book: Through the Bible in 365 Days

The Daily God Book: Through the Bible in 365 Days is an innovative devotional by Skip Heitzig. In it, you'll find unique insights on key stories and chapters throughout the Bible, along with points to consider as you read.

You Can Understand the Book of Revelation

Does the book of Revelation seem mysterious to you? Does it confuse you? Are you skeptical about it, or fearful? Pastor Skip Heitzig guides you through the amazing prophecies of the end times in his book, "You Can Understand the Book of Revelation." This informative and enlightening book will teach you how to interpret the final book of the Bible.