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Believe:879 MP3 Player

Pastor Skip Heitzig explores each of the 879 verses of the gospel of John, from the pre-incarnate existence of Jesus Christ to His public ministry through His death and resurrection. Traverse familiar territory and embark on new adventures of faith in this epic journey of 96 messages.

Exodus: Expound Series USB Flash Drive

This flash drive of Pastor Skip Heitzig's Expound Exodus study contains all twenty-seven messages through the book of Exodus in MP3 format. Join us as Pastor Skip presents an in-depth look at Moses, the ten plagues, the Ten Commandments, the desert wanderings, the construction of the tabernacle, and more. As we study, we

Genesis: Expound Series USB Flash Drive

This flash drive of Pastor Skip Heitzig's Expound Genesis study contains all 38 messages through the book of Genesis in MP3 format. In this study of Genesis, Pastor Skip Heitzig presents an in-depth examination and fresh perspective of familiar stories like the creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, the call of Abraham, and Sodom and Gomorrah. This series offers solid information to equip believers with truth in today's battle against the lies of evolution, the basic goodness of man, and a "fairy tale" approach to the Bible. Includes over thirty-eight hours of audio teaching from Skip Heitzig

Keep Calm and Marry On MP3 Player

Marriage is intended to portray Christ and His church. How do we ensure that our marriages live up to God's standards? God's Word contains what we need not only to flourish, but to overcome the emotional, societal, and spiritual attacks we face. This powerful series provides the tools you need to strengthen your home and relationships. Features messages from Skip Heitzig plus guest teachers like Levi Lusko, Kevin Leman, and more! Get all twenty-two messages in the series on a pre-loaded MP3 player.

Playlist MP3 Player

Pastor Skip scrolls through the Psalms, tapping into a number of songs that wrestle with and relish in the very nature of God and His relationship with humankind.

The Bible from 30,000 Feet MP3 Player

Have you ever wanted to learn how the Bible fits together? The Bible from 30,000 Feet is an overview study through the entire Word of God, hitting the highlights of its people, places, events, and themes. Receive all sixty-five messages in the series on a preloaded MP3 player with earbuds.