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Believe:879 MP3 Player

Pastor Skip Heitzig explores each of the 879 verses of the gospel of John, from the pre-incarnate existence of Jesus Christ to His public ministry through His death and resurrection. Traverse familiar territory and embark on new adventures of faith in this epic journey of 96 messages.

Exodus: Expound Series USB Flash Drive

This flash drive of Pastor Skip Heitzig's Expound Exodus study contains all twenty-seven messages through the book of Exodus in MP3 format. Join us as Pastor Skip presents an in-depth look at Moses, the ten plagues, the Ten Commandments, the desert wanderings, the construction of the tabernacle, and more. As we study, we

I Dare You MP3 Player with EarBuds and Wall Charger

Pastor Skip Heitzig unfolds the book of Daniel verse by verse in the series I Dare You. We'll learn how Daniel lived differently and made a huge impact on his society, and we'll be challenged to do the same. Receive all twenty-four messages in the series on a preloaded MP3 player with earbuds.

Playlist MP3 Player

If you compiled a music playlist to describe your life, what songs would you choose? Music reflects life's journey: the moments we question God, struggle with pain, celebrate the deepest joys, and search for fulfillment and happiness. Using lyrics to explore the human experience has always been significant and powerful—even thousands of years ago in a playlist we now know as the book of Psalms. In this series, Pastor Skip Heitzig scrolls through the Psalms, tapping into a number of songs that wrestle with and relish in the very nature of God and His relationship with humankind.