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A Worship that Transforms
Skip Heitzig

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Stress Relief: From Worry to Worship

What good is worship if it doesn't change us? If week after week we leave the assembly of worshipping saints exactly the same way we came in, then why do it? Of course, the primary reason we worship is simply because God is worth it. But if we've really been in contact with the living God, there ought to be the evidence of changed lives. The change will be visible in our serving Him.

When we feel bogged down with many burdens, the last thing on our minds may be worship, yet worshipping God has the ability to set things in the right perspective. Worship can change our view from the haze of life's worries to the clear comfort found in the Almighty God. Change your worry into worship with this three message series by Skip Heitzig.

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  1. What He Saw: Vision

  2. What He Heard: Voices

  3. What He Felt: Victory

  4. What He Did: Volunteer

Questions for Discussion:
  1. How have you "heard God speak" to you in the past?  Through reading the Bible on your own or a message given in church?  By listening to a radio program or through the counsel of a thoughtful, mature Christian friend?  How appropriate was your response?

  2. How much is the holiness of God a part of your personal worship?  How does it affect you?

  3. What areas of ministry are you currently involved in?  When you see a need is your response, "Send them, Lord." or is it "Send me, Lord"?

Additional Messages in this Series

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